Announcement: Getting Started

By Connie Ragen Green | November 1, 2020

Are You Ready to Make Money Online – Selling Quality Products from Connie Ragen Green?

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We’d love to help you reap the rewards from our family of online business products.

We offer a generous affiliate program – with a total payout of up to 50% on all of our digital products and 10% recurring on our hands-on mentoring programs. Skip the details for now. Sign me up!

We value your participation in the program – even if you’re a new to earning affiliate income.

That’s why we offer a full educational program for our affiliates. You’ll get an email from us weekly, giving you tips and techniques on how to make more money as an affiliate – in our program, as well as in other programs. Plus, you’ll get details on each of our new products as they’re released – in advance of the public!

So if you’re ready to start earning affiliate income with a quality company with an excellent reputation online, sign up now! You’ll get your first affiliate email immediately and you’ll start seeing the benefits this coming week.

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