Products To Promote

The Most Popular Products to Promote During 2024 Include:

My Latest… All New for 2024!

Really Simple Short Reports – Seasons One and Two are Complete; Season Four Begins on June 1st, 2024.

Action Habits Challenge – free to join, you’ll be cookied in for all future sales!

How to Profit with eCourses – I’m teaching this live with Norma Allen Esler. Read through the page for all of the details.

Syndication Optimization continues to be my most popular training course to date!

Spring Jump Start will be live during April – June, 2024

Fall Jump Start will be live during September – October, 2024

Affiliate Marketing – the Micro Course…a smaller version of my “BIG” course (Really Simple Affiliate Marketing) listed further down, this one is perfect for beginners in all niches.

Dotcom Jump Start…a 12 Module training based on marketing foundations, implementation, and more.

Now Available!…Really Simple Authority Blogging. Let me know if you’d like a coupon.

Really Simple Membership Sites…Season One is now in Home Study

Reputation Management Made Simple – how to manage your own reputation or that of someone else, offline and/or online.

Really Simple Sales Copy…my premiere copywriting workshop.

Become a Local Celebrity…this is what I refer to as a “concept” course, where I teach how to build your business by first becoming known within your local community.

Really Simple Email Marketing…A follow up to my list building training, but stands alone as well.

Really Simple Info Products…I don’t hold anything back in this comprehensive training.

Really Simple Affiliate Marketing…Three Seasons of training for anyone wanting to follow my strategies on how to become a “Super Affiliate” and add to your income.

Really Simple Online Courses…This is a popular one on how to create, market, and sell your knowledge, expertise, and experience in an online course.

Additional Products to Promote…

Really Simple List Building – This training course was taught live for the first time in October and November and will continue after that.

Write. Publish. Prosper. – This course teaches how to write a full length book within the next four to six weeks, and to then create a funnel of related and relevant products and courses to build your online business.

The Internet Marketing Six Pack – Currently in Home Study for $499 and very popular.

How to Market for Small Business – a step by step training course on how to “make the phone ring” for your own business or as a consultant for businesses in your local community. $799 and I’m happy to give you a coupon.

Lights, Camera, Take Massive Action – a step-by-step program that guides you toward building your own online business – $150 or two payments of $75 each. (Currently Being Updated)

Really Simple Content Marketing – Now available in Home Study and live again soon.

Position Yourself as an Expert – Only $25 with 60% commission.

Really Simple Info Products – Currently available in Home Study and live again soon.

The Super Summer Giveaway – available year round (you give this series of free gifts to your clients and they are cookied in so you get commissions on anything they buy for the next three years!)

Really Simple Affiliate Marketing – $149 course now in Home Study.

Top WP Plugins for Business – learn exactly which WordPress plugins are best for your sites – $10.

Online Entrepreneur Blueprint – This is an opt in page with a free giveaway you may promote and recommend through your affiliate link, allowing you to cookie in your leads for ongoing future sales.

***I also have several products available at Warrior Plus. I’m CRGreen there. View my profile. Click to “follow” me. Click to view affiliate offers and type in my name (CRGreen) to view my products and request to be my affiliate. Tell me you are already my affiliate through Nanacast and I will approve you immediately.***


Your Affiliate Commission is 40-50% for Every Product You Sell (Incubator Ongoing Program is at 10% and You Don’t Even Need to Promote It Because Your Leads Will Already Be Cookied In)
You are paid on the last Friday of the current month for the previous month’s sales

You will NOT be paid affiliate commission on your own purchases, for obvious reasons.

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If You’d Like a Coupon Code for Your List Only, Email Me at conniegreenhouse at yahoo dot com and We’ll Discuss What Works the Best For Both of Us. I Appreciate You!

P.S. Really Simple Podcasting – available to promote through JV Zoo – Click HERE for more details. Pays 75% commission.

P.P.S. Please ask for your own coupon codes instead of using what you may see me including within my emails. Those are tracked to me and will not earn you commission. I typically do this when I am launching a new product or course or offering a special sale price for a limited time.